What’s Next

We’ve gotten this question a lot lately, and it is a totally fair one. After spending almost a year aboard, many folks were rightfully interested in what we were up to next, how we were spending our time on the water and what our next big trip was going to be. In many ways the team went their separate ways, significant time on the water together can do that to a group, but we have, one way or another found a way of staying in touch.

After a failed attempt to put together an Atlantic crossing (note failure did not occur while sailing, rather a failure in the process of getting a team together), John and Dustin wanted to get involved with boating again one way or another. After spending a year looking to see what challenges we faced got fixed in the digital world, the duo decided to take on some of the most mundane tasks in the boating world. Their most recent project has been to simplify the digital lives of boaters, so if you’re interested in learning about boat insuranceboat loans, licenses, registrations or just want to read a list of silly boat names, check out Agentwater.com  The site has evolved over the last year but is still true to its cause and we are constantly adding new information, links and tips.


We appreciate the time, support and well wishes we have received over the years and wish our readers a wonderful and safe season on the water.


As always if you have any questions please let us know, now at our new email address team@agentwater.com