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The trip for the team at Reaching South was created out of a desire to go on an adventure.  It didn’t take long to decide to do the entire thing on a sailboat, and eventually we picked the Caribbean as a reasonably exciting destination, while starting in the Great Lakes seemed only logical.  Very little of our trip was what you might call “planned” before we departed, so we were prepared to take a number of potential routes. We fully accepted that setbacks, new information and the whims of our young-adult minds would certainly change our route.  While we had expected to see new places, meet new people and spend some serious time on the water, we had no idea the extent to which each of these expectations would come true.

Our route has changed substantially from our initial plans, a result of a delayed departure, repeated recommendations to see the North Channel (definitely worth it), a collapse in the Erie canal, and a particularly pungent hurricane season.  As of now we are taking the Oswego canal south to the Erie canal and down the Hudson river to New York City.  From New York City we ventured north to Boston, and, after a lengthy stay, rounded the cape and headed down to Nantucket.  From there we visited Atlantic city went up the Delaware and down the Chesapeake before hitting the calm waters of the inter coastal for the first time.  From Norfolk we stayed inside until we hit Charleston, where we took a trip back outside to make it to Savannah.  From Savannah we were stuck inland for a bit before heading outside and were forced to enter again at Cape Canaveral, due to a nasty storm and stayed inside until West Palm Beach.  We crossed to West End one night and quickly ventured through the northern half of the Bahamas to Nassau.  After a long delay in Nassau we cruised down the protected western side of the Exumas, eventually rounding Long Island to Rum Cay.  After departing Rum Cay we visited Mayaguana, and were then off to Provinciales, Turks and Caicos.  From Provo  we briefly visited South Caicos before heading to Luperon, Dominican Republic.  Backtracking to see friend,s we hit the Provo once more before heading back to the Miami and eventually Vero Beach.

In the map below the places and lines in red are the ones that we visited along the way.

While inspiration for this trip was genuinely bred from a globe and a piece of shoe string, after we began considering the trip more seriously we immediately noticed many similarities between our trip and one called the Great Loop.  While we hope to extend our trip further south than the typical Great Loop dictates, we have found many of the sources aimed at that audience greatly helpful in planning our trip.  For more information regarding the “Great Loop” we recommend http://www.greatloop.com/ and http://www.greatloop.org, which provide both general, interesting information, and information that will be invaluable on this historic voyage.

If you have any questions about our planned route, please leave comments below or contact us at team@reachingsouth.com.

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  1. Hey!
    I was just talking to John and he mentioned if I had any suggestions to email and let you guys know. I likely won’t see you before you leave QCYC and will otherwise forget to send my suggestion. Now I realize you guys have already passed it, but if you happen to be going through Lake Huron on your way back checking out Georgian Bay in the North Channel is a must. I haven’t been there myself, but working at yacht clubs for the past 3 years I’ve listened to many people raving over them. It has been likened to the Bahamas– many people say it is more picturesque but it IS cooler (most people wait until August to visit). You need to be careful navigating to avoid hitting rocks, but there are many little islands, and by sailboat odds are you will be able to have an island to yourself. Best wishes, hope that you all have a hell of an adventure, and it was great meeting you.

    Chelsey Tremblay

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