Our Mission

Reaching South is a cultural sailing experience for four young people in the transitional period between college and the “real world.” As members, we recognize our rare opportunity to make the most of our uncertain futures. During our trip, the filming of our adventures is something that will catalogue our journey and summarize our experiences traveling, meeting people, learning to cope with each other(never an easy task), and the difficulties of sailing for months at a time.

The trip begins early June in Chicago, IL and will continue through the Great Lakes, and out the Oswego and Erie Canals to the Hudson River and New York City. We will then continue down the East Coast to Fort Lauderdale, FL. From Fort Lauderdale, we leave the comfort of the United States and cut through the Caribbean to Central and South America to reach Trinidad and Tobago. Finally, we will sail back up along the West Indies to Baton Rouge, LA, where we will begin the journey back to Chicago up the Mississippi River.

In total, we will be sailing over 13,000 miles. The trip is a modified and extended version of the Great Loop. With our differences in sailing backgrounds, experiences, and skills, we create a group of friends ready and able to take on an endeavor of such grandeur.  The deferment of experiencing the “real world” becomes a study of it– the people we meet, the places we see, and the relationships we build are our alternative. In this process, we hope to share our experiences with others, whether they are interested in similar pursuits or simply curious about the experience of sailing to connect with the world.

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  1. Great journey – can’t wait for your arrival in Marblehead Harbor – Use Channel 68 upon entering the harbor to hail for Boston Yacht Club. See you soon!

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