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Here you will find a collection of pictures and videos from our sailing trip from the great lakes to the Caribbean.  As we are on the water for much of the time and provisioning and repairing when on land, it can take us some time to update the blog, please have patience if it has been a while since we have updated our pictures, they will come as soon as we finish the “stage” that we are in.

Cleaning the boat up

Provo take 2 and the trip home

Provo and the Dominican Republic

Georgetown to Provo




West End to Nassau

Vero Beach to West End

Norfolk to Charleston

Atlantic City to Norfolk

Boston to Atlantic City

New York City to Plymoth

New York City

Sailing the Hudson River

Our time in the Oswego and Erie Canals

Taking the mast down

These pictures come from our time in the Welland Canal, a first for each of us (except for Mike but he was 6)

From Lake Saint Clair, Detroit, and Lake Erie, including our stops in Cleveland OH and Lorain OH.

These pictures come from sailing in the North Channel (Canada for the most part), Georgian Bay, and Lake Huron.

Photos of our time sailing in Lake Michigan

This album has pictures from us getting the boat ready.  We noticed after putting them up on the web that there were not too many of them, looks like we were too busy working.

 East Bound n Down from the bow

East Bound n Down from the port side


If you are interested in using a picture, have recommendations, or would like more pictures of anything in particular, please leave us a comment or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

9 thoughts on “Pictures and Videos

  1. okay guys we are wanting some new pictures of nYC and the cape cod adventure!

    sounds like you have a grand time with Jock. He loved having you.
    hoping to resupply you with spices and cookies in DC when you get to that area!
    xoxo tracey

  2. Kathy and I read your blog all the time. Keep it up. We know your having a great time and lots of experiences. We are proud of all of you.

    Keep it up,

    Nautically Yours
    Bob & Kathy kubasiak

  3. I’d heard about your journey from Kristin Pearson (fellow LHS grad) the other night so I looked up your blog…. I’m impressed and jealous! Looks like your crew has documented this amazing journey quite well. I can’t imagine having the opportunity to do something as adventurous.

    There is one thing that I absolutely MUST know about — the pigs on the tropical beach in the Caribbean?! Where did they come from?? Is there video!? Looks like they were fun, but also looks like they were trying to commandeer your dinghy.

    Anyways, you can email me or post on here but I’d love to hear back from you! I find myself inspired by your ambition and the strength of your spirit.

    Hope this finds you well,

    • Well thank you for looking us up. We unfortunately did not get any videos of the pigs, so the photos are our only record of them. I don’t actually know how they got there, but The gentleman who owns the island apparently cares for them. They don’t really take much in the way of feeding, as cruisers stop by almost every day with food, and the most interesting fact that we heard, which may or may not be true, is that they have adapted to drink salt water for hydration. I can’t verify that for sure, but they do certainly drink the ocean water, and as far as I could tell there aren’t any sources of fresh water on the island, so unless it is delivered, the ocean may well be there only source of water. Anyway, there’s some thoroughly unsolicited information, but we’re all honored to hear your reaction to our trip. Thank you.

  4. John… I cannot find your email !

    Did I send that pic? Shoot me a mail and I will send the pic…..

    I think I recall responding about being in DC. PLEASE come by !


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