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This page is aimed to connect interested people to other great sailing blogs that we have found and support the other journeymen and women we have met along the trip.  If you have a great blog or know of another one please let us know, we love following other people’s journeys.

The first blog we started following, more than 6 months ago now, is a blog by an Australian couple who sailed the North West passage over the last few years.  They started in Halifax, spent a summer repairing their boat, sailed half way, left their boat for the winter and are sailing south now.  Not much more can be said, we HIGHLY recommend the videos they have posted, incredibly high quality and amazing footage. Check them out at

Another blog, one that follows a trip that just started much more recently, is a trip by two friends of ours from college racing, Tom and Leila, who are journeying down the west coast of the United States.  They began their trip in Portland and are headed to the Panama Canal and back up the Caribbean.  These guys are really great so make sure to check them out (plus they do video updates) at

A boat we have had the opportunity to sail with extensively since the Welland Canal, Chasseur, is traveling on quite a similar trip to ours, and we expect to meet up with them periodically throughout our trip.  You can find Terry and Suzanne’s blog at


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