Fairhaven, NY

We awoke the morning of the 16th in Big Sodus Bay, and decided to get an early start to get to Fairhaven. Our first realization of the day was a good one, as the yacht club, though happy we checked in, did not charge us for the night, as they have reciprocity with the Saugatuck Yacht Club(a status that has saved us a lot of money this trip). We motored out to the lake where we found some of the largest waves we have yet encountered, and all of us thought it a capital idea to have Ellen make bacon and eggs in such heaving seas, only able to respond to the warnings that we shouted down to avoid getting doused in hot bacon grease. Fortunately the waves were primarily behind us, so they helped us along marvelously to Fairhaven and the Fairpoint Marina.

We spent 4 nights at the Fairpoint Marina, and recommend it unequivocally. Jon and Arline, the managers of the marina were unceasingly kind and helpful, giving us advice and counsel about our trip, as well as helping us out with some of the engine issues that have plagued Eastbound n Down. They even showed us a slideshow of their trip to the Bahamas, providing us with a lot more material and getting us real excited to get down there. While we were at Fairpoint Marina we also met up with a pair of cruising couples, whom we’ve met before, Tom and Laura, who were our neighbors in Frankfort, MI, and Terry and Susanne, who remained behind us throughout the entire Welland Canal, despite our glacial pace.

We also had to take our mast down in preparation for the Erie canal, and we were fortunate enough to be able to ship the mast with both couples (and a fourth we found out later) which cut down significantly on the cost of shipping, and allowed us to have a lot of free deck space, instead of lugging around a 45-foot pole like an oversized jousting lance. Taking down the mast was a rather involved process, as it involved a rather large crane(always a cool addition) and disconnecting a whole lot of stays, lines, bolts and wires, all in the hopes that our scribbled labels will be enough to attach everything back in working order at the other end of the Erie Canal.

The other large news from Fairhaven is that we finally got a new throttle, which John handily installed one afternoon, allowing us to finally put the pliers back in their box. Otherwise, Fairhaven was a very relaxed few days as we sorted through a lot of our to-do list and got ready for the next stage of the journey. We left Fairhaven on August 21st, feeling far more prepared for the trip ahead than we have previously. We really can’t thank the folks at Fairhaven Marina enough for everything they did for us, and we look forward to seeing them again, should we happen to meet them on their way down to the Bahamas this winter.


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