Toronto pt. 3

The QCYC was a bit more our speed, with actually used boats and boat slings visible on the property, and a much less stringent dress policy that allowed us to go to the bathroom without feeling like we had to wear a tux. We unfortunately didn’t have much time to enjoy our new surroundings, however, as we had a rather pressing engagement on the mainland. This was the Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival, featuring craft beers from around Ontario, and held in the shadow of the CN Tower and the Toronto Blue Jays stadium. We got to try several fantastic beers from various breweries, but the most shocking event of the day occurred when John looked over at another picnic table and happened to see someone he’d met in Costa Rica and known for about a day and a half, Chet, who proceeded to show us around the city for six hours or so. It was an incredible bit of serendipity that they had both managed to show up at the same little beer festival in Toronto, and we really appreciated his taking the time to show us around for so long.

The following morning Mike left us, heading out early to catch a bus back home. We were all sad to see him go (though Ellen is happy that she doesn’t have to share the V-berth with him anymore since she now gets it to herself…and the dinghy), but are immensely grateful that he came along for as long as he did, and I know that I in particular benefited a lot from his advice. We went back into Toronto that day to meet up with another friend of John’s, Will, and then, as the following day was Ellen’s birthday, I was tasked with distracting her while John and Pieter went to Whole Foods and picked up some of the high quality meat and vegetables that we have so rarely eaten on this trip, as well as a little birthday cake. We managed to get everything stowed away on the boat, just in time to head back to the city to see a Jays’ game with Will. Ellen was bored halfway through the third inning (we arrived at the top of the third) which was unfortunate, as the game went into extra innings. Despite our fervent hope that we would witness the longest game of baseball ever played, just to see Ellen’s reaction, the Jays managed to win in the 11th, and we headed back just in time to catch the last ferry back to the island.

We spent Ellen’s birthday rather more lazily than our previous days in Toronto, opting to stick around the Toronto Islands Park and relax a bit, watch a movie, and walk around exploring the island. We then settled down for an evening dinner of pesto pasta and green beans (which I inexplicably helped cook and somehow didn’t ruin) and went to bed in preparation of our imminent departure back to the U.S.


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  1. I love the descriptions of Toronto…really makes me want to go and visit! soldier on crew…hoping to catch a glimpse of you in NYC!

    xo tracey

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