Toronto pt. 1

Toronto is one of my favorite cities. Not of the trip. Ever. I thought it was absolutely fantastic, and loved the way it looked, the people we met there, the yacht clubs of Toronto, and the places we got to see. I really couldn’t have been happier with our visit there. We arrived after a short trip from the Welland canal, and an even shorter driving rainstorm that obscured the city, a mere mile or so away from us, at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club.

The RCYC is an establishment on one of the islands across the bay from the city that fully lives up to its name. We all felt rather out of place as we walked around the club for the first time, although that may have had something to do with the tank-top undershirt that I was wearing, which made me look even more slovenly than the rest of our already underdressed crew. We soon discovered, however, that this feeling was entirely natural, as the RCYC seemed to function by very old-world rules. Going on the tennis courts was prohibited unless you were wearing white, with white, non-marking shoes, and don’t even think about playing lawn bowling if you are in an outfit that hasn’t been bleached 20 minutes prior. The club house was rather less stringent, requiring only slacks, dress shirts and blazers just to enter(needless to say, none of us did).

We took the ferry over to the city for an expensive, though tasty dinner in the old distillery district, and came back early to meet some friends that John had already made that afternoon(he really is quite impressive at that. You have to see it to believe it). They were, as so many people we have met are, incredibly friendly, and invited us up to their deck, as well as to see some of the boats that they had built themselves. They then swam with us in the harbor, and let us into the pool. This seemed like an overly brazen activity in the middle of the night, until the night shift came by, and politely asked us to keep the noise down, without any discussion of removing us from the pool. We did so, although with rather less enthusiasm than the task required, and we were asked to leave, although not unkindly, around 3am, at which point we decided that it would probably behoove us to finally turn in. That was just the first day!


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