A Quick Update on the team

Exciting things have been happening across the board for the team at Reaching South. Here are some updates on the status of the crew, six weeks and a day before we hope to depart!

John’s hand (little finger) continues on its path to recovery, thanks to the wonderful folks at Rush Medical center and Athletico.  John’s days have been filled with physical therapy, studying for his exams, and planning for the trip.  His focus has been, up to this point, centered on finding the boat, with which to do the trip, along with the necessary safety equipment and gear.

Dustin:  After leaving Chicago and heading east to visit friends at his alma mater, Haverford College, Dustin settled down taking a course in bartending, before moving into Philadelphia and volunteering in the construction of a local brewhouse.  In his spare time Dustin has worked charting our primary route out the great lakes and through the Saint Lawrence Seaway along with alternative, shorter routes, should circumstances require it.

Ellen and the sailing team at the University of Puget Sound recently had the opportunity to race down in San Francisco California.  Even though it seemed like everything that could go wrong did, the team pulled together several fun races and had a fantastic time seeing one of America’s greatest cities.  While writing her thesis and racing with the team has taken up much of her time, she has still set aside moments to help prepare for the medical aspect of this this journey.

Pieter: After months of being buried in programming, mathematics and his thesis on CPU usage and its effects on mobile battery life, Pieter is more excited than ever to hit the open water.  In his free time Pieter has been working on the team’s Kickstarter (more on that is on its way, we promise) and has been working on how we plan to document the trip.

Jen:  While all of the team has been busy for the last several weeks, Jen’s activities have been quite extraordinary and have included taking some of the final requisite courses for medical school, writing applications and working as a personal and triathlon trainer.  While she will not be joining the team for several months, this has not deterred Jen’s commitment to the journey, and she has been working on developing a fitness and nutrition program to keep the team in shape and healthy while underway.

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